We’ve arranged two different designs for you to select from for your brochures – landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). You can also select from either a large (7 ½” x 9”) or small (5 ½” x 7 ¼”) size for each design.

The size and layout design you choose are purely based on personal preference. The results you’ll get using the Prestige Introduction™ brochure will not change depending on the size or style you select.

More important than the style or size is what words are printed on your brochure and the quality of your referral. You’ll achieve the high success ratios if you follow our process from start to finish.

Refer to your Advisor’s Guide in your Market Specific Module for specific details on your brochure.

Note: Layout of the brochure templates with the online order process is standardized. If you want complete customization including design and layout changes, you must contact the printer for a custom quote and you won’t be able to use the online print process. You can also print your brochures through an alternate source such as a local printer in your area but you will be required to provide your printer with a copy of your Lifetime License.

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