The online templates provide you with the option to enter your company’s compliance information, disclaimer and logo which will be printed on the back panel of your brochure.

You are responsible for any compliance regulations set forth by your company. Some companies have provided Cotton Systems Ltd. with pre-approved wording which is accessible for downloading when you log in to build your brochure with the online order process.

Cotton Systems has obtained compliance approval details from a number of companies. In these cases, correct compliance wording is automatically provided for you when you order your brochures through the online process. You also have the option to enter your customized disclaimer details into the online template.

If your company hasn’t provided pre-approved wording, you can still use the online print process to generate your brochure. This system allows you to email or fax a proof of your brochure to your compliance department for approval prior to going to press. Just don’t put in your credit card details to pay for the brochure until you have received approval. One you click “I approve” your brochure will go to press and there is no turning back.

If you have questions concerning compliance or want to connect your compliance department to Cotton Systems so that we can add their pre-approved wording to this process, email or call Cotton Systems Ltd. at 1-877-826-8866.

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