This is the web site where Cotton Client Acquisition System™ owners with Prestige Introduction™ brochure Lifetime Licenses can order their own powerful, prestigious, personalized and professional brochures online with pre-set templates.

Prestige Introduction™ brochures:

  • eliminate your call reluctance
  • reduce the rejection factors you experience
  • create a consistent flow of prestige introductions to on-profile personal recommendations
  • pave the way for successful phone calls which lead to face-to-face personal meetings
  • provide you with dramatic improvements in your phone call to appointment ratios

  • The Prestige Introduction™ brochure only begins to fulfill its full power the moment your referral source writes their message of introduction on the front cover. These brochures are the key for you to be properly positioned with new prospects.

    Prestige Introduction™ brochures are proven to produce results and we’ve developed them for:

  • Mid-Income Market
  • Financial Market
  • Business Market
  • Multiple Line Market
  • Protection Market
  • Recruiting

  • Cotton Systems Ltd. does not print these brochures. Instead, we refer you to a print service who specializes in printing and who can provide you with an online, high quality, high-speed, digital print service for your brochures and envelopes. You can incorporate your company’s compliance requirements and the online process gives you control over the finished product.

    Ready to order, click the Order Brochures button to be connected to Cotton Systems’ preferred printer for Prestige Introduction™ brochures.

    You will need:

    1. Your Lifetime License number (first time online orders only) – must be provided to any printer to comply with copyright law. Can’t locate your Lifetime License number? Contact Cotton Systems

    Repeat online orders need your User Name and Password. Can’t locate your User Name or Password? Email and provide them with your Lifetime License number and your name.

    2. A good quality uploadable digital color personal photograph. The image must be at least 500 pixels wide by 650 pixels tall and must be saved in a .bmp, jpg, or .tif format.

    3. An uploadable company logo – Your logo image must be at least 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall and must be saved in a .bmp, jpg, or .tif format.

    4. Your Market Specific Advisor’s Guide – for instructions on content for your market specific brochure

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